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On January 27th, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 appeared in Canada. Since then, life has changed drastically and the impacts of the virus haven't discriminated. Essential workers such as those in healthcare have been highly appreciated—and rightfully so. Meanwhile, frontline workers from other sectors, such as transportation, postal services, and waste management, have also been a pillar for society, yet haven't been shown the same amount of recognition. Amid the confusion, fear, and panic, these workers continue to step up and help us adapt to our new normal. It’s important for us to look beyond the hospital wards and see the heroes that occupy our day-to-day lives too. They also experience hardship, stress, and the concern of bringing the virus home to their families.


During this challenging time, let's come together to provide under-recognized essential workers with extra support in the form of kind and uplifting messages of encouragement, love, and appreciation. If you would like to submit a message, please do so here:


Everyone plays an important role; there are jobs that need to be filled and duties that need to be performed, especially during a pandemic. However, on top of existing personal and work-related stresses, the physical and mental tolls of the pandemic have increased difficulties for essential workers as they risk their health daily to keep society functioning. Despite this, many of us take those in seemingly ordinary—sometimes even stigmatized—jobs for granted. In mid-April, a poll by Forum Research found that 24.4% of Torontonians reported extremely or very high stress levels, which can result in depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, nausea, and weakened immune systems, among many others. Unfortunately, many essential workers are included in this statistic. Considering the sacrifices they make for us, let’s offer kindness and show under-recognized frontline workers their tremendous contributions are seen and appreciated: let’s take a moment to recognize everyday heroes.

Although a small act of kindness through a message may seem insignificant, they can have profound positive impacts. Research shows demonstrating kindness to others improves their overall well-being. Because kindness improves mental health by enhancing mood and reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress, kindness can also reduce the physical ailments aggravated by stress and thus promote ones physical health.

As well, it’s especially difficult—yet important—for our frontline workers to stay motivated during this challenging time. Fortunately, research shows that receiving words of kindness can also serve as powerful motivation. Sending our heroes kind messages can increase their energy levels and help them feel rejuvenated to handle and overcome the difficult parts of their jobs, and in turn, helps keep society functioning optimally through this pandemic!

How we help: the power of kindness through ouR messages

In a time when our heroes most need it, our messages can show that strength and love still exist.

Even if it’s just a small act, collectively, our efforts can impact lives and bring about positive change.



a Piano Performance student hoping to use her creative talents to inspire others and advocate for her values.


a Health Sciences student passionate about promoting the well-being of others on the basis of compassion and empathy.


a Law student interested in championing equal treatment and recognition for all.

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