Introducing our Heroes

Transportation Workers

Even during a pandemic, people need to get around. Transportation workers risk high exposure to the virus every day to get us to the places we need to be and the people we need to see.

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Custodial & Sanitation Workers

Keeping the city clean is crucial when waste management and sanitation is key in fighting against the spread of COVID-19. Working diligently to keep our city safer, sanitation workers manage waste, including used PPE, while custodial workers keep our surfaces clean.

Postal Service &
Delivery Workers

Postal service and delivery workers are vital in ensuring we receive what we need to in time. As a result of the pandemic, they are working harder than ever due to increased demand, with many working overtime on weekends.

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Food & Agriculture

From sourcing our foods to keeping our grocery stores supplied, food and agriculture workers have worked hard to put food on our tables while taking extra precautions to ensure our food is safe.

Community Service &
Social Workers

In a time of stress for all, social workers are critical in supporting at-risk individuals, families, and groups who must now face additional obstacles brought by the pandemic.

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Retail & Manufacturing

Retailers and manufacturers ensure we have essential goods, from everyday household items, to food, to PPE. During COVID-19, they make our shopping experience as safe as possible and have worked tirelessly to keep us stocked.

Teachers & Childcare

With in-person school cancelled early, educators have tried their best to accommodate the needs of their students, adapting new online curriculums with very limited time and offering mentorship and support to young people during these trying times.

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Public Health Workers

Outside of the clinical health profession and on top of the daily health concerns in our city, public health workers must now wrestle harder than ever with strategies to contain the virus’ infectious spread.

*Disclaimer: We recognize the value of all workers and never wish to undermine or disrespect the contributions of those not mentioned.